Package DFN(PL)2730-12
Pin 12
Dimensions (mm) 3.0×2.7
Thickness (mm) 0.6
Pitch (mm) 0.5
Solder Ball (mm)
Plating Au
Product Mass (mg) 12
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1
Recommend Mounting Reflow
Quantity/Reel (pcs) 5000
Taping Direction TR
Non-use Certificate RoHSⅡ
Non-use Certificate REACH
Non-use Certificate Halogen Free

* Refer to the datasheet for the power dissipation of each product.


Download (Package dimension, Taping specification, Taping reels dimension, Power dissipation and Land pattern (Foot pattern))

Package information


分类 产品名 产品规格书  
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DC / DC开关稳压器 R1213 2.5A PWM升压DC/DC控制器
DC / DC开关稳压器 R1283 CCD/LCD用PWM升压/反转DC/DC转换器
DC / DC开关稳压器 R1286 AMOLED/LCD用带同步整流器功能的PWM升压/反转DC/DC转换器
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DC / DC开关稳压器 R1801 用于能量收集器的降压DC/DC转换器,可调节最大功率点,可调节输出电压和PG功能
DC / DC开关稳压器 RP550 双路 1A带同步整流器功能的PWM/VFM降压DC/DC转换器
DC / DC开关稳压器 RP602 1.5A带同步整流器功能的PWM/VFM降升压DC/DC转换器
DC / DC开关稳压器 RP604 0.3µA IQ低静态电流 300mA带同步整流器功能的升降压DC/DC转换器
DC / DC开关稳压器 RP605 低消费电流 300mA 升降压DC/DC转换器,带电池电压监控功能