R1700 系列
650V 边缘谐振控制,零电压开关 (ZVS) PFC/LED驱动控制芯片

  • 概述

    The R1700 is a zero-voltage switching (ZVS) PFC/LED driver controller with a variable output current/voltage. It is ideal for improving power factors of LED lightings.

    This device features the arbitrary setting of output voltage based on buck-boost (inverting) topology.

    Integration of this device and the R1580 allows the two-stage architecture and a flicker-free operation in LED lighting applications.


    • Edge Resonant Control of ZVS helps to achieve Low Switching Loss and Low EMI.
    • R1700 is capable of Arbitrary Setting an Output Voltage based on Buck-boost (Inverting) Topology.
    • Integration of R1700 and R1580 realizes Flicker-free Operation in LED Lighting Applications.

  • 规格
    输入电压范围 8 V to 650 V
    PWM输入调光范围 5% to 100%
    封装 SSOP-16
    Built-in Features - Max. 650-V Operating Regulator
    - Half Bridge Gate Driver
    Protection Features - Overcurrent Protection (OCP)
    - Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
    - BST/VCC Pin Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO)
    - VCC Pin Overvoltage Lockout (OVLO)
    - Overvoltage Protection (FBOVP)
    - Latch-type Protection (Selectable)
  • 技术资料
    • R1700 + R1580 Application Block

      • R1700 + R1580 Application Block

      R1700 + R1580 Typical Application Circuit, Buck-boost (Inverting) Converter

      • Typical Application
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