R5110 系列

  • 概述

    R5110 Series are the system power supply and supervisor IC based on the high-voltage CMOS process technology, and have high accuracy and ultra low supply current voltage.

    R5110 consists of a regulator (VR), a voltage detector (VD), and a normal/ window type of watchdog timer (WDT) in a chip, and can provide three functions of the system power supply, the supply voltage supervisor, and the supervision of system’s misoperation.

    R5110 supports the packages of HSOP-8E, HSOP-18 and HQFN0808-28.

  • 规格
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    输入电压范围 3.5 V to 36.0 V (50.0 V)
    工作温度范围 -40°C to 105°C (125°C) -40°C to 125°C (150°C)
    电源电流 Typ. 25 µA
    待机电流 Typ. 0.2 µA
    开窗时间 Typ. 18 ms (CTW = 10 nF)
    关窗时间 Typ. 18 ms (CTW = 10 nF)
    脉冲忽略时间 Typ. 18 ms (CTW = 10 nF)
    超时时间 Typ. 18 ms (CTW = 10 nF)
    超时时间精度 ±20%
    重置信号时间 Typ. 9.5 ms (CTW = 10 nF)
    封装 HSOP-8E, HSOP-18, HQFN0808-28
    VD检测器阈值范围 1.6V to 5.5V
    VD检测器阈值精度 ±1.8%
    VD释放输出延迟时间 Typ. 242 ms (CD = 0.22 µF)
    LDO输出电压范围 1.8 V to 5.0 V
    LDO输出电压精度 ±1.5%
    LDO短路电流限制 Typ. 80 mA
    LDO输出电流限制 Min. 500 mA
    LDO热关断 Typ.165°C
    VD Release Delay Time Accuracy ±20%
  • 技术资料
    • R5110Sxx2C/2D Typical Application

      R5110Sxx2C/2D Typical Application

      C1 = Ceramic 0.1 µF, C2 = Ceramic 0.1 µF

    • R5110Sxx2D (Window type) Timing Chart

      R5110Sxx2D (Window type) Timing Chart

      * TWVREFH : TW pin voltage at the end of WDT timeout period
      * TWVREFL : TW pin voltage at the begin of WDT timeout period
      * tdelay : Release Delay Time
      * tIGN : Ignoring Time
      * tOWL : Long Term Open Window Time
      * tCW : Closed Window Time
      * tOW : Open Window Time
      * tWR : Reset Time

  • 品质&封装
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特性 Window WDT,+VD,+LDO,MR pin,SENSE pin
min (V)
max (V)