R5613 系列


  • 概述

    The R5613 is a one-cell Li- ion / polymer battery protection IC providing overcharge, overdischarge and charge-/ discharge-overcurrent detections. Major features of this device include charge-/discharge-overcurrent detectors with high-accuracy of ±1.0 mV and the RST pin function which can switch for an external MOSFET to either a RESET or a forced-standby state.

    Key Benefits

    • Lower-resistance of Sense Resistor by Overcurrent Detector with Lower-voltage and High-accuracy: Achieving Heat Reduction on Board
    • Low Consumption Current and Low Standby Current: Achieving Longer Driving Time with A Battery of Small Capacity
    • Switching to RESET or Forced-standby State by RST Pin: Allowed External Control of Load

  • 规格
    输入电压 1.5 V to 5.0 V (Maximum Rating: 12 V)
    元件数 1
    电源电流 Typ. 2.0 µA
    Typ. 2.5 µA (Only when selected 0 V Battery Charging “Inhibition” and Discharge Overcurrent Detection with Two-level)
    待机电流 Max. 0.04 µA (VDET2: Latch type)
    Max. 0.2 µA (VDET2: Auto Release type)
    过充电检测电压 4.2 V to 4.7 V (0.005 V Step)
    过充电检测电压精度 ± 20 mV
    过充电检测延迟时间 1.024 s
    过放电检测电压 2.1 V to 3.2 V (0.005 V Step)
    过放电检测电压精度 ±35 mV
    过放电检测延迟时间 20 ms, 32 ms, 64 ms, 128 ms,
    放电过电流检测电压 VDET3-1: 0.0070 V to 0.0300 V (0.5 mV Step)
    VDET3-2: 0.011 V to 0.060 V (0.5 mV Step)
    放电过电流检测电压精度 VDET3-1: ±1 mV
    VDET3-2: ±2 mV
    放电过电流检测延迟时间 VDET3-1: 12 ms, 16 ms, 3.5 s, 4 s, 5 s
    VDET3-2: 12 ms, 16 ms
    充电过电流检测电压 -0.0300 V to -0.0070 V (0.5 mV Step)
    充电过电流检测电压精度 ±1 mV
    充电过电流检测延迟时间 9 ms, 17 ms
    短路检测电压 VSHORT1: 0.030 V to 0.200 V (0.005 V Step)
    短路检测电压精度 ±4 mV (0.030 V ≤ VSHORT1 ≤ 0.120 V),
    ±5 mV (0.120 V < VSHORT1 ≤ 0.200 V)
    检测延迟时间短 280 µs
    恢复过充的条件 Auto Release / Latch
    恢复过放电的条件 Auto Release / Latch
    封装 DFN1616-8B
    0 V Battery Charging Permission / Inhibition


    Temperature Protection Reset Alarm Cell Balance Cascadable Open Wire Detection Wakeup Short-circuit Current Detection Delay Time Shortening
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Temperature Protection Temperature Protection
Reset Reset Function
Alarm Alarm Function
Cell Balance Cell Balance Function
Cascadable Cascade Connect Function
Open Wire Detection Open Wire Detect Function
Wakeup Wakeup Function
Short-circuit Current Detection Short-circuit Current Protection
Delay Time Shorting Output Delay Time Short Function

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特性 Battery Protection
元件 1
功能 Reset,Short-circuit Current Detection,Delay Time Shortening
长期供给 Applicable