We have released the MUSES8820, mass production model of MUSES Series, offering finest sound to audio fans more widely. The MUSES8820 is a bipolar-input dual Operational Amplifier inheriting high quality sound development concept we pursued in the development of the MUSES01/02, and it employs chip-layout and lead-frame material optimized for mass production.
In addition to DIP package (lead insertion type), it employs halogen and lead-free surface mount package. The package provides mass productivity gain of audio equipment manufacturers and reduction of environmental impact. The MUSES8820 is most suitable for mass production models of high-end audio equipment reproducing the finest sound such as live sound of orchestra in the hall and breathing sound of player in live music house.



Operating Voltage
Vopr= ±3.5V to ±16V
Low Noise
Input Offset Voltage
VIO= 0.3mV typ. 3mV max.
Input Bias Current
IB= 100nA typ. 500nA max. @Ta=25°C
Voltage Gain
Av=110dB typ.
Slew Rate
SR=5V/µs typ.
Bipolar Technology
Package Outline
DIP8 (8.8×6.4×6.75mm typ. / lead-free)
SOP8 JEDEC 150mil (5.0×6.0×1.65 mm typ. / halogen-free,lead-free)
DFN8-X7 (ESON8-X7) (3.5×4.0×0.7 mm typ. / halogen-free,lead-free)
High-end & professional audio equipment