Nisshinbo Micro Device Co., Ltd has already released high quality sound Operational Amplifiers MUSES01/02 and MUSES8820 as MUSES Series. They have been well received by wide range of customers from high-end audio equipment manufacturers to homemade audio fans.
In addition to these OP-AMPs, we have released the MUSES72320, MUSES Series electronic volume, following the development concept of these Operational Amplifiers. As an electronic parts manufacturer, we release the MUSES72320, offering consistent solution of finest sound to audio fans more widely.



Operating Voltage
±8.5 to ±18V
Full bridge output
3-wired Serial BUS Control
Selectable 8-Chip Address
Available for using eight chips on same serial bus line
Low Output Noise
It conforms to the characteristicof an external operational amplifier.
Low distortion
It conforms to the characteristic of an external operational amplifier.
0dB to -111.5dB/0.25dB step, MUTE
+31.5dB to 0dB/0.5dB step
Channel Separation
-120dB typ.
Zero Cross Detection
CMOS Technology
Package Outline
SSOP32 (11.0×7.6×1.25mm)
High-end & professional audio equipment