MUSES series has been seeking to reproduce "Real Pure Sound" of heartquake, This flagship version of the high quality audio operational amplifier MUSES01 is designed for Premium Audio Equipment, and adopts oxygen-free copper frame that can improve the sound quality for the first time in the world.* The MUSES01 is optimized for premium audio and professional audio applications with advanced circuitry and layout, unique material and assembled technology by skilled-craftwork. It is the best for audio preamplifiers, active filters, and line amplifiers with excellent sound.
*: Our examination as of May 2009



Operating Voltage
Vopr= ±9V to ±16V
Low Noise
9.5nV/√Hz typ. @f=1KHz
Input Offset Voltage
VIO= 0.8mV typ. 5mV max.
Input Bias Current
IB= 200pA typ. 800pA max. @Ta=25°C
Voltage Gain
Av=105dB typ.
Slew Rate
SR=12V/µs typ.
Bipolar Technology
Package Outline
DIP8 (8.8×6.4×6.75mm typ.)
Premium & professional audio equipment