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Integration of New Japan Radio and Ricoh Electronic Devices to Create “Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.” and Add Momentum in the Analog Semiconductors Business

“New Japan Radio (known for operational amplifiers)” and “ Ricoh Electronic Devices (known for Power Management ICs )” will be integrated to further grow and expand as an analog solution provider.
Focus will be placed on the two domains, Energy Management and Signal Processing, drawing on the synergy of technologies through which both companies complement each other.
The new company will support a broad range of customers through its stronger global sales network and gain a deeper relationship with customers and a higher capability to broadcast information than ever before.

New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. will be integrated on January 1, 2022,
leading to a birth of a new company, “Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.”

Development of the microdevices business of the Nisshinbo Group has been driven mainly by the two subsidiaries, New Japan Radio and Ricoh Electronic Devices. With an eye on recent social developments such as 5G and 6G technologies, the shift to electronic vehicles, the advent of super-smart society, industrial restructuring and an unstable global economy, it was decided to aim for further growth and expansion of the business as an analog solution provider by utilizing resources (in development, sales and production) of both companies in an integrated manner to advance our “Connect Everything” technology and bring about a super-smart society.

The new company “Nisshinbo Micro Devices”, in line with the Nisshinbo Group’s corporate philosophy of “Change and Challenge! For the creation of the future of Earth and People.”, will aim to become a company which provides value and presence expected by customers around the world by providing analog solutions through Electronic Devices and Microwave products drawing on the strength of its analog technology and contributing to development of a connected society.

Greater goals and success will surely be achieved through the synergy of both companies and their complementary nature.
Efforts will be made to strengthen sales capabilities to improve quality by utilizing the customer care capabilities (to make proposals and provide touchpoints) and digital marketing, which give the business competitive advantage, as well as to gain deeper relationships with customers and greater information broadcasting capacity.

Consolidation of products is not planned in association with the coming integration. The Product Longevity Program will also continue. The names of existing products will not change, but new products to be launched in 2022 and thereafter will be named according to new rules. In addition, the microwave business of New Japan Radio and the Foundry Services of both companies will continue even after the integration. Careful consideration will be given on distributors to avoid any inconvenience for customers.

Overview of integration

New Japan Radio – known for its operational amplifiers – and Ricoh Electronic Devices – known for its Power Management ICs – will be integrated to further grow and expand as an analog solution provider.
It will aim to become an active analog solution provider in the two domains of Energy Management and Signal Processing, drawing on the synergy of technologies which allows both companies to complement each other.

While the companies are both analog semiconductor manufacturers, they have different processes and product portfolios. Therefore, they have very few overlapped product segments and complement each other with their respective fields of expertise.
Further development in these two domains, Energy Management and Signal Processing, will be pursued through the integration of both companies.

In addition, production sites which both companies have will be mutually utilized to increase the flexibility as a vertically integrated manufacturer and strengthen the synergy in the supply chain as well.

Integration of Nisshinbo Micro Devices
to create two broad product genres
Supporting a broad range of customers through stronger global sales networks

New Japan Radio has strong advantages in direct sales, while Ricoh Electronic Devices has the edge in sales through distributors and online. Consolidation of their sales networks on a global scale will realize an ability to perform wide-ranging customer support.

Production sites ( Frt front-end / Bk back-end processes )  Business bases
[Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.]
The Nisshinbo Group, as an Environment and Energy Company group, will supply solutions to address global environmental problems, which represent the biggest challenge to human society. Utilizing the diverse technologies that we have accumulated so far, we are engaged in wireless and communications, micro devices, automobile brakes, precision instruments, chemicals, textiles and real estate businesses with Mobility, Infrastructure and Safety, and Life and Healthcare as our three strategic business domains. New Japan Radio and Ricoh Electronic Devices play a central role in the microdevice business.

[New Japan Radio]
Since its foundation in 1959, New Japan Radio’s mainstay products have been general-purpose linear ICs, many of which are in use in equipment for consumer or industrial use. They are used not only as ICs for automotive applications, but also in compound semiconductors, SAW filters, front-end modules, optical sensors, MEMS, and more. As another business category, microwave products are used to manufacture Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) components and microwave sensors in the satellite communications field. The company provides electron tubes for radars and peripheral equipment for defense, meteorological, maritime and land fields, and boasts the top global market share in sales of devices for marine radars in particular. In addition to the foregoing, the company supplies cancer treatment equipment using X-rays and electron tubes and electron guns for security inspection facilities.
It joined the Nisshinbo Group in 2005.

[Ricoh Electronic Devices]
Ricoh Electronic Devices was established in 1981 as Ricoh’s semiconductor business. It started with development and production of dedicated semiconductors for Ricoh’s office equipment and cameras, and full-fledged field sales commenced after successful development of microcomputers and graphics controllers for Nintendo’s Family Computer™. The company succeeded in development of CMOS power management ICs in 1987, launching it on its journey to becoming the analog IC manufacturer it is in the present. The current rich lineup of power management ICs includes LDO regulators, voltage detectors (reset ICs) and DC/DC converters which constitute mainstay products, together with real-time clock products produced by the company since its foundation.
Separated from Ricoh in 2014, the business became a subsidiary of Nisshinbo Holdings in 2018 as Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.
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