1.8V Operating Voltage 3rd Overtone Quartz Crystal Oscillator IC with Input Tolerant Function

Data Sheet


  • Maximum Oscillation Frequency (160MHz(3rd Overtone))
  • Frequency Stability (±1ppm@VDD±10%)
  • Wide Operating Voltage (1.62 to 3.63V(x3, x4, x5, x6 2.25V to 3.63V))
  • Built-in LDO
  • Input Tolerant Circuit (0 to 3.63V@CONT Term.)
  • Stand-by Function (Oscillation Stop and High-Z)
  • 3-State Output Buffer
  • Variable Pull-up Resistance on-Die (CONT Terminal: Pull-up resistance is large at Stand-by Function)
  • Oscillation Capacitors Cg and Cg on-Die
  • C-MOS Technology
  • Package Outline (Die/Wafer)

General Description

The NJU6227 series is a C-MOS quartz crystal oscillator IC realized excellent frequency stability for 3rd Overtone (up to 160MHz) oscillation, and consists of an oscillation amplifier, a 3-state output buffer, a built-in LDO and a input tolerant circuit. The operating voltage is from 1.62V to 3.63V (x3, x4, x5, x6: from 2.25V to 3.63V), and the LDO holds down the characteristic change of the oscillation amplifier for operating voltage variation, and has been stabilized oscillation frequency (Frequency stability ±1ppm@VDD±10%). The input tolerant circuit ensures that 0 to 3.63 V can be applied to CONT terminal without regard to the supply voltage. The oscillation stopping current is very low stand-by mode, therefore, it is suitable for the portable items of the communication equipment and the like. The 3-state output buffer is C-MOS compatible. The NJU6227A/D version are available for driving light loads (15pF load) and NJU6227C version are available for driving heavy loads (30pF load).